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Face Mask Machine

Established in the year 2012, Ocean International is specialized in designing and manufacturing huge range of Face Mask Machine for producing nonwoven mask. We are one of the leading Manufacturer and Exporter of Face Mask Machine in India. The offered machines are designed for producing face mask for medical purpose, hotels, in regular use to prevent from the viruses. These Mask Making Machines with the aluminium rack, it is tidy and beautiful. The finished machine has no welding but a full screw construction. It can be discretionarily disassembled. We are engaged in offering diverse types of face mask machines such as semi automatic and automatic face mask making machine.

The exterior of the machine is paint-free, with organic glass or shell, human-machine interface and tough screen, it has en suite time, total out-put, daily out-put and it can set the automatic alarm of quantity and automatically stop. The digital key can adjust piece branding speed. The Face Mask piece exiting is out-put by conveyor belt. The speed is adjustable. With extremely low noise, the face mask molding is welded ultrasonically. With superior performances and high-speed piece branding, the width of the face mask is adjustable in certain in a certain range. The length of the nose bridge line can be adjusted discretionarily, with mold changed, it can produce non-standard surgical mask of any length.

Our range of products include Semi Automatic Surgical Mask Making Machine, N95 Mask Making Machine, Non Woven Fully Automatic Face Mask Making Machine, Non Woven Face Mask Making Machine Medical and Surgical Face Mask Making Machine. This Machine is the front stage machines for Non-Woven Face Mask production, it is to produce blank masks from feeding raw material, inserting &cutting nose wire, pleating, over edge, ultrasonic welding to piece cutting. The finished blank masks will be counted and collected on conveyer.

Surgical Face Mask Making Machine

Automatic Surgical Face Mask Making Machine

We are leading Manufacturer and Exporter of Automatic Surgical Face Mask Making Machine that is the auto equipment which can be used to make the product of disposable face masks that is appropriate for the material of non-woven fabric, activated carbon and filter material from 1 to 3 layers. The Face Mask Machine will finish all the processing from the feeding to nose-clip fixing, edge sealing, cutting the finished products automatically. These machines are having one drag two plane mask integrated machine that is mainly composed of one Plane Mask Body Machine, one plane mask film feeder and two plane mask outer ear belt machines, which can automatically complete cloth folding and wrapping.

Automatic Surgical Face Mask Making Machine

The mask body is correspondingly transmitted to two mask outer earphones through the film feeder, which can be used for ear belt that is welded and formed by ultrasonic wave, and the formed mask is automatically counted and transported out to the packaging processes. According to diverse material use, the finished products can reach the standards etc. This Face Mask Machines has features as stable performance, high productivity, low error rate and easy operation etc. The material of the conveyor belt of the ear belt conveyor is changed to a single piece of plastic material, it is for easy replacement. If the production time is 20 hours per day, the production capacity is expected to be 48000 – 60000 and the general machine capacity is 50000 pieces per day. The slicing speed is accelerated to 50 pieces per minute, and the general is 40-50 pieces per minute. The subjective devices are all imported brands.

Product Specification of Automatic Mask Making Machine

Equipment size 6800mm X 3520mm X 2050mm
Exterior color Customize
Equipment weight 1700 kg
Working power 220V AC
Working pressure Compressed gas pressure:0.5-0.8 MPa;
Compressed air flow300 L / min
Productivity 40-50 Pieces/min
Pass rate of production 99%
Equipment failure rate ≤2%
Use environment Temperature:10-35℃; humidity:5-35% HR No flammable, corrosive gas, no dust(cleanliness no less than 100,000)
Rated power 8 Kw
Machine type Disposable Non Woven Machine
Mask specification 175mm X 95mm
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Semi Automatic Surgical Face Mask Making Machine

We are one of the topmost manufacturers of optimum quality Semi Automatic Surgical Face Mask Making Machines. These machines are developed by experts under the headship of skilful proficient in compliance with global industry norms. The offered Medical Face Mask Making Machine is the auto equipment that is used for the disposable face mask which is appropriate for the material of non-woven fabric, activated carbon and filter material from 1 to 3 layers. Moreover the Face Mask Machine will finish all the processing from the feeding to nose-clip fixing, edge sealing, cutting the finished product automatically. According to diverse material use the finished products that reach the required standards. Our manufactured Machines have features as stable performance, high productivity, low error rate and easy operation etc.

Semi Automatic Surgical Face Mask Machines Price

Technical Specification of Surgical Mask Making Machine

Machine size 3345(L)×630(W)×1830(H)mm
Electric source 220V,50HZ
Out put Power 50-60 pcs/min2.7KW
MachineWeight 500KGS
Packing Size 2100(L)*880(W)*1640(H)mm
Face Mask Making Machine Manufacturers in ahmedabad, gujarat

Characteristics of Face Mask Making Machine

Ultrasonic Welding Techniques

Single Man Operation

Machine Frame Adopts Aluminium

Low noise

Anti-Rust, Durable, Easy Cleaning And Neat

High stability and excellent performance

Stainless steel fixture can adjust the size of the material freely

High Production Speed up to 100 to 180 pcs/min

Why Choose Us?

With the support of our capable procuring agents, we are able to provide our customers with a remarkable and reliable collection of machines in several specifications within limited time period. Factors that assist us to achieve a dynamic position in the national market are as follow:

  • Finest quality products
  • Timely delivery of consignments
  • Complete customer satisfaction
  • Customization of products as per clients’ needs
  • The effective packaging of products with reliable material
Face Mask Making Machine


Face Mask Making Machine is an electromechanical device that you can use to make face masks in assorted capacities.

You should invest in the Automatic Face Mask Making Machine to amplify your face mask making output. Here are the reasons that should compel you to invest in the Automatic Face Masking Machine.

  • Increase in Productivity or Throughput
  • Improvement in Quality
  • Improved Robustness
  • Reduction in Expenses
  • Improved Safety
  • Increased Efficiency

Our Medical Mask Making Machine is fully automatic production line, it can be realized that only one person can operate one machine even more.

The estimated cost of each mask is related to the cost of the Mask Making Machine and raw material, it also include personnel and site cost. We can provide you with the purchase price of the mask machine so far. The price of raw materials is also changing constantly, which needs to be estimated based on the local market conditions.

  • Making different types of surgical masks such as Non-woven surgical masks, C -shapes surgical masks, Cup surgical masks
  • For combining different parts of surgical masks
  • Sorting Surgical Masks
  • Printing on surgical masks and packaging

There are different types of machines that you can choose from depending on your preferences.

  • Non-Woven Face Mask Making Machine
  • High Speed Disposable Face Mask Machines
  • Fully Automatic Inside Ear Loop Surgical Mask Making Machine
  • Fully Automatic Face Mask Making Machine
  • High Speed Automatic Medical Face Mask Machines

Automatic Medical Mask Making Machine consists of different parts that coordinate and work together in making the surgical masks.

  • Feeding System
  • Electrical System
  • Moulding System
  • Welding and Stitching System
  • Transport System
  • Printing System
  • Inspection System
  • Discharge Unit

Yes, we have, but we only have few in stock. It requires your decisive thinking and quick decision making, which can not only help more people, but also be a very worthwhile project.

Yes we can. Our equipment can produce plane masks or KN95 masks, whether to prevent haze depends on the material you choose.

We are making the Surgical Masks with a proper understanding of how a Surgical/Medical Mask Making Machine works, and below mentioned are the process of making a Surgical Face Mask Machine:

  • Preparation Stage that all the required materials are in place
  • Unwinding the Surgical Mask Material
  • Layering the Fabric
  • Welding the Mask
  • Quality Inspection

The cost of the Medical Mask Making Machines depends on the specifications that you need and on your custom medical mask to know the cost. The cost depends on the quality of machine, quantity of machine, Level of Automation.

  • Pharmaceutical industry to make masks for the medical practitioners
  • Food industry to make appropriate masks for the food makers and handlers
  • Chemical industry to make face masks for the people handling the chemicals

To make sure that the offered Fully Automatic Face Mask Machines are safe for use which includes proper sensors that will detect any form of malfunction of the machine. Apart from that the sensors will trigger the machine to switch off immediately in case it detects a problem. As the machine shuts down, it will send a warning to keep you away from the system to avoid injury.

During the production process, you may encounter the following troubleshoot Surgical Mask Making Mechanism such as

  • Inability of materials to flow
  • Poor cutting and sizing of masks
  • Properly calibrating the machine so as to get the right cutting edges and points
  • Training your personnel on the best production procedures and techniques
  • Using very high-quality machines and materials in the production process
  • Proper consultation with other manufacturers as well as your suppliers
  • Proper and frequent cleaning and maintenance of the Surgical Mask Making Machine
  • High quality machines with high level of immovability
  • High level of accurateness and competence in the process of making face masks
  • Cheaper option thus giving you value for your money
  • High level of output with varying speeds of operations